Do not be duped by cosmetic product advertisement

Wed, 09/06/2010


Do Not Be Duped By Cosmetic Product Advertisement With Claims of Treatment


The Pharmaceutical Services Division, Ministry of Health would like to inform the public that there are only two eye care products by Syarikat Permata Hijrah allowed to be marketed. They are Ainon Toner Mata Permata Hijrah and Permata Hijrah Ainon Toner Mata manufactured by SERI MH UMMI SDN. BHD. Both these products have been notified with the Ministry of Health as cosmetic products. These products cannot be instilled into the eyes and claims for treatment of the eyes or associated eye conditions are not allowed. 

Cosmetic products in this context means that they are to be used only on areas outside and surrounding the eyes for aesthetic reasons. They are not permitted to be used inside the eyes, as eye drops or sprays.

The public is advised not to be easily deceived by advertisements through electronic media, print media and also distributed pamphlets in promotional campaigns by some company that claims its products can treat eye diseases such as blindness, nerve damage due to diabetes, eye webbed, glaucoma and so on, because these allegations have no basis and evidence in medical science.

Pharmacy Enforcement Branch had received many complaints from the public associated the products from the manufactures cosmetics companies about the validity of claims during the promotion and marketing. Therefore, all manufacturers and agents of these companies are reminded that cosmetic products notified should be marketable as a cosmetic and cannot claim over the use of cosmetic products. These things are monitored and if there is evidence of a manipulation to any provision of law, further investigations will be made against the companies involved and that companies will be prosecuted.

The ministry takes seriously existence of several other companies which produces cosmetic products for eyes that also use promotion tactics that mislead consumers. Consumers and the public with eye health problems are recommended not to waste their money to buying the products for treatment purposes because it was not only futile and detrimental, even greater dangerous in terms of safety and health.

Those suffering from eye health problems are advised to get appropriate treatment from a doctor or qualified medical experts. For those who having side effects due to the use of these products, please report directly to the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau (BPFK) in telephone 03-78838549/5551 for further investigation.

The public can also contact the Pharmaceutical Services Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia by telephone 03-7841 3200/3215 or email if need more information or confirmation regarding related products.




Senior Director of Pharmaceutical Services

Ministry of Health Malaysia


12 May 2010