Publications For Consumers

Know Your Medicine Programme works continuously to produce medication information that suits consumers health needs.

All publications and pamphlets are available for print and download.



List of publications and pamphlets :
7 Tips on Proper Medication Usage among Children
Adverse Drug Reaction
Control of Health Related Advertisement
Kesan Advers Ubat
Medicines and Elderly
Pamphlet - Adverse Drug Reaction
Pamphlet - Antibiotic
Pamphlet - Drug Interaction
Pamphlet - Ear Drops
Pamphlet - Eye Drops
Pamphlet - Eye Ointment
Pamphlet - G6PD Deficiency
Pamphlet - How Can You Avoid Medication Errors
Pamphlet - Medication Information Leaflet for Patient; Antiviral for Influenza
Pamphlet - Medicine & Children
Pamphlet - Medicine and Breast Feeding
Pamphlet - Medicine and Pregnancy
Pamphlet - Nose Drops
Pamphlet - Pessaries
Pamphlet - Puasa & Ubat
Pamphlet - Suppositories
Pamphlets - Sleeping Pills
Phamplet-Antibiotics Resistance
Poster - Adakah Ubat Anda Berdaftar
Poster - Amalan 5B
Poster - Label Ubat
Poster - Pemulangan Ubat
Poster - Pengambilan Ubat
Poster - Penyimpanan Ubat
Safe Disposal of Medication
Sublingual Glyceryl Trinitrate (GTN)
Ubat Generik
Warfarin Therapy