Wed, 23/12/2009


The public is advised to avoid buying and using eye toner products notified as cosmetic products but recommended instead to be used in the eyes (instilled as eye drops).These products were originally notified as cosmetic products for external applications around the eye area for the purpose of reducing the appearance of dark circle, wrinkles and moisturizing the area around the eyes. However, the products have been exploited for the purpose of treating eye conditions/disorders and directed to be instilled into the eyes. Besides that, some cosmetic products are also being recommended to be used in the nasal cavity with the intention to treat running nose and bad breath.
The claims used for these products such as to improve vision, short sightedness or long sightedness and refreshing the eye nerves are categorized as medicinal claims and are not allowed for cosmetics. Similarly, other medicinal claims such as to reduce eye redness and itchiness, to remove foreign materials from the eyes and conjuctivitis are also prohibited.
The public is advised to be more cautious when purchasing cosmetic products.  There is a wide variety of cosmetic brands available in the market and consumers should be more knowledgeble and informed when making decisions and should not be easily influenced by advertisements and testimonials promoted by cosmetic companies.
Cosmetics are preparations to be used on external parts of the body, including the skin, hair, nails, lips, and also on teeth and in the oral cavity for the purpose of cleaning, perfuming, changing /improving appearance, protecting/keeping in good condition and correcting body odours.
Products that are intended for medicinal use in the eyes or nose are NOT cosmetics. They are classified as pharmaceutical products which must be manufactured in licensed manufacturing premises that comply with Good Manufacturing Practices for pharmaceutical products, which include, in the case of eye drops, the appropriate facilities for the manufacture of sterile products. Products notified as cosmetics do not meet these requirements

The products stated below are prohibited to be imported/manufactured/ distributed/sold and the responsible companies have been directed to withdraw these products from the local market.

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